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Jeremy Jackson
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Read this before applying to the program...
In addition to attending ALL scheduled workouts you'll need to adhere to the nutrition plan we recommend if you want to get real results.
My Training
The results you get will be directly correlated to how hard you work. Follow what we say and you'll do well.
We are results driven! We don't deal in tricks or fads. This program is not a magic bullet. It will challenge you, but it works!
We don't have time for excuse makers. Please think carefully before applying. We want people who are eager to succeed, even when things get tough.
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Hear What Our Clients Have To Say
Before joining Fit4everu,  I had a lack of discipline, was overweight and doubted my ability to lose weight.
With Fit4everU, I got the boost I needed which included education, accountability, positive self-talk, appropriate goals…which turned into incredible results.  
I had been talking about it but procrastinated because I really was not sure if I could “work out that hard”, but I feel trust was built as I saw results and believed MY best interest were the priority.
I would recommend to someone on the “fence” because they must be considering a life change (on the fence). See yourself as “worth it”. The longer you wait, the further you push back your results.
 I was surprised how much I actually like exercise… I never knew I was athletic. I am really glad to have left my sedentary lifestyle.
Jeff Richardson
My problem before starting with Juan toney was the fact that I was depressed, an emotional eater, no motivational drive in wanting to work out and straight out lazy. I felt heavy.

The results I received from Juan, was weight loss, toning, getting stronger. 

What I like about Fit4ever is the meal planning, monthly weigh ins and seeing the difference each month that I’m burning fat, toning and losing weight and inches.

I got results and the push I needed to get started. After awhile I started  doing a lot more cardio, running, aerobics, etc. and I still doing my personal training with Juan.
The push and motivation that Juan gives in order to get the results you need to reach your weight loss goals.
My main concern was not being consistent. But what kept me going was the changes that I saw in my body from where I started. also, the fact that I had energy and wanted to work out even more.

The benefits of the program for me was more energy, confidence, consistency and encouraging others to start or to continue their weight loss journey.

The surprising moment was the people who started their health journey because of me, I was like wow how people watch you and how your journey can inspire others. I want to continue to do that, because you are not the only one going through the struggles.
Erica Battle
Clients Before & After
Who Am I?
Hi, I’m Juan Toney.
I’m a certified personal trainer, Sports Nutritionist and renowned Personal Growth Enthusiast / Life Coach who has been changing and saving lives since 1995.
I knew at the age of 11 fitness and wellness was my calling when I picked up my first set up dumbbells. I began to transform my physique and eventually began my career in the health and nutrition field beginning with GNC in 1996 and Bally Total fitness. I moved up the corporate ladder rather quickly and enjoyed the relationships I built with all the members and families over the years. However after literally completing over one million customer profiles over a course of 15 years, I noticed that the failure associated with weight loss was a direct disconnection between mind/body consciousness.
Itruly am a believer that the inner world creates the outer world and this Inspired me to launch "The Fit 4Ever Academy" to Totally Transform people Mentally, Physically, and Nutritionally. Today...I’ve helped thousands of clients achieve their goals and becoming fit forever!
Certified Personal Trainer, American Muscle & Fitness
Certified Aerobic Instructor American Council & Exercise
Sports Nutritionist American Muscle & Fitness
Founder and CEO Fit 4Ever Academy
Owner, Fit Body BootCamp
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